if u thought i posted too much halloween before

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loving this review of nymphomaniac


loving this review of nymphomaniac

let’s all pretend I don’t edit my posts after it turns out I misunderstood something

What happened to Joe??


he’s at college bruh, idk where his blog is tho

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Im gonna take 1000 benadryl and fuck my shadow self

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does anyone wanna talk about young christian slater

i love chewing on straws drag me


In 15 seconds of dialogue Francis Wilkerson sums up what’s wrong with how women are criticized in our society and it’s great

mulder: dont call me fox
scully: (hand on side of mouth) his dad was a furry
mulder: my dad is dead




I replayed this 3 times